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Our Mission

Who are we?

We are a home-help, befriending and support company based in Lincolnshire. It is our mission to help people to stay as independent as possible, for as long as possible. We support people at home, in the community and we also work closely with care home providers and local authorities to help be a friend to those who need a little bit of extra help. Whether it's for practical household help, emotional and well-being support, or general support with appointments and prescriptions. We aim to be a friend. 

Our team is built on a foundation on passionate and caring staff members, who value the work they do and take pride in delivering exceptional care and support to everyone we provide our services for. 

What are our values?

Farrow Friends value A.C.T (Above and Beyond, Caring and Trustworthy staff). We believe that the best care and support is delivered by staff who share our company's values. In addition to our A.C.T statement, we believe that upholding the values of the people we support makes a positive difference to the quality of care they receive. 

"Caring is at the heart of what we do. The people we support rely on staff they can trust, who will go above and beyond. Someone they can trust to A.C.T"

Lauren Mann, Founder of Farrow Friends

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