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"My greatest skill is caring, my most treasured gift is seeing how much it means to the people we support"

Lauren Mann, Founder of Farrow Friends

Lauren Mann, founder of Farrow Friends

Meet The Founder

The face behind Farrow Friends

Lauren Mann founded Farrow Friends in 2017 at the age of 21, after completing a business start-up course with the Prince's Trust. In it's first year Farrow Friends provided elderly support, specializing in dementia care. Since it's establishment Farrow Friends has moved from one success to the other, and now offers support to people of all ages and abilities. Find out more about our services here.

Award winning, trusted, and nationally recognized

Lauren Mann is a two-time winner of the Grantham Business Awards and has worked as an ambassador for the Prince's Trust representing young business owners. In her more recent success Lauren has won a national competition and is receiving mentorship from Linda Plant, business owner and interviewer on BBC's The Apprentice. Lauren has since completed her mentorship program and continues to grow her business and expand her experiences.

Lauren is also a representative speaker for the UK and Europe in Nyumbani Kwanza Morogoro, Tanzania, Morogoro and continues to inspire business women across Lincolnshire as both a young entrepreneur and mother. In addition to running Farrow Friends, Lauren continues to support local businesses through multi agency working and collaborative advertising and is a member of the Totally Locally scheme.

In Lauren's most recent recognition in the national press, Lauren was invited to meet with the Duchess of Cornwall in support or The Brilliant Breakfast, and was invited to talk about her business and achievements.

Working on the frontline, at the heart of the company

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