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Your reviews are really important to us, they help us to grow and move in the right direction so that we can continue to improve our services and deliver the best support that we can. Reviews also help to raise issues that we may not be aware of so that we can resolve them as quickly as possible for you. Do you have feedback you would like to give? Leave a review

What you do is way beyond the expected in your field of work. Not only do you care for people but you do genuinely care for them. You grieve when you lose them and you take great care to ensure that the arrangements you make on behalf of the family are with love and deep affection. You are one in a million. Keep being amazing!!

Received 06/06/2024

My Uncle Roger was supported and cared for during the past 6 years until his recent passing. As he was isolated from family due to bereavements and distance Lauren, Sue, Donna and the team were his professional and social support. Frequently going that extra mile for him and after his passing continued to support myself and organised a dignified funeral for roger.

I would highly recommend Farrow Friends and wish them every success for the future.

Received 05/06/2024

You're a star Jordan, all your help is well received. Dad has never been so well looked after.

Received 28/02/2024

Iris is my Mum and her eyesight has been deteriorating for a number of years and therefore was struggling with tasks that need her to focus especially cooking. I work full time so having someone from Farrow friends visiting Mum is perfect for her needs, I know she's OK and it's reassuring to know she'll be fed and also had company. They take her to hospital appointments and do shopping for her too. We would struggle without them.

Received 26/01/2024

You and your company are outstanding. Well done.

Received 23/01/2024

I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback as I went to see someone you support yesterday afternoon whilst their new support worker was present. The person you support was up and ready for the day when I got to their house and they were in really good spirits....this is such a big step for them as we know they have always been very reluctant to accept any support, let alone someone coming in everyday to see them.
I just wanted to pass this on and thank you both along with your staff member as I think this is a really positive outcome for the person you are supporting.

Received 04/10/2023

"Anyone Grantham based needing care for their elderly relatives in their own home, I cannot recommend Lauren and her team enough. My Nana is well cared for, nothing is too much trouble and Lauren often keeps me up to date with Nana's antics. They're fantastic"

Received 13/11/2021

"Ricky is a gem. He offered help and support when my nan passed away and that was far beyond the job of farrow friends. Nothing was too much trouble!"

Received 08/11/2021

"I don't know how we would manage without Farrow Friends and especially Lauren.  Nothing is too much trouble for them,  from taking to hospital appointments and picking up shopping to cooking meals and taking my Mum to visit her friend.  I would absolutely recommend Farrow Friends."

Received 06/10/2021

"Such a fantastic company! I would happily recommend Farrow Friends to any friends that need a little help around the home or even just some company!"

Received 30/08/2021

"My Nan had dementia and although at times she was a little forgetful she was still fairly independent. Farrow friends was amazing as they really are friends. My nan was very against carers and having people come and do things for her and this was a concern for her. As power of attorney for my Nan it was my job to find someone Nan could trust that would help her keep her independence as long as possible.

We met Lauren and discussed Nans difficulties and expressed my concerns and Nan's for having carers and Lauren was very much on the same page as were her team. Lauren provided a meeting so that Nan could get to know her and Chris and we were all happy to move forward. That's when Chris started social visits and really did become a friend for my Nan. My Nan looked forward to her 2 nights a week when Chris would come and chat with Nan and do whatever she wanted to do and would not take over but support her where support was needed. As Nan's needs changed Lauren and her team changed what they were already doing and adjusted her care plan at short notice to meet all the needs we had. I only wish Nan didn't become ill and was still here in their care as I trusted them 1000% with caring for my Nan and they really did go above and beyond their duties to make sure Nan was not only happy but safe too. Thank you Farrow friends I will forever be grateful to you all."

Received 30/08/2021

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