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Working with care homes

Professional networking and events

We believe in the power of working together to build strong professional relationships so that we can provide better and more full-rounded support to everyone in our community. We believe that by working together, we can make sure people get access to the support they need. 

Every year, we proudly host an annual Care Fair, an event hosted locally in Lincolnshire that is open to the public to showcase professional support and healthcare businesses in the area, to help open the discussion of support and care, and advocate for better awareness and more open discussion- particularly in younger people about support choices and why it's important to know about services and organisations even before they're necessarily needed.

Professional and public events are a great way to learn about new, upcoming and long standing businesses, what they provide and to build on businesses we can signpost to and work with on community based projects. If you are interested in taking part in one of our professional or community events, or you would like to see one in your area, drop us an email below. We would love to hear from you.

Providing 1:1 drop-in support as a bespoke addition to your service, to help you provide exceptional person centred care to residents

We're passionate about providing exceptional support, but we also want to be there to support the organisations that look after the people we support when they are no longer able to stay in their own homes due to health reasons. As an additional service we are always keen to work alongside care homes, providing 1:1 support for activities. This can be a great additional service to include within your care home particularly for residents who are able to go out and about with the right 1:1 support so that they can continue to do the things they love for as long as possible.

We also want to ensure we're playing an active role in combatting loneliness in older people. Therefore we also offer a visiting service for residents. For those who don't receive many visits (perhaps family live far away and struggle to visit regularly) we can pop in and provide meaningful support and connection between those visits.

If you think these services sound like a positive asset to build on your service in a really person-centred way we would love to hear from you and discuss how we could incorporate this into your business. We work closely with local authorities, GP's and social prescribers and are well reputed for our work in care and advocacy.

We are a private company and normally liaise directly through people who are interested in receiving extra support. We also accept people through funding and grants. Because we manage this directly with our clients we can work collaboratively with other organisations at no cost to your business.


Think we're a good fit for you? Contact us today

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional care and support. If you are a social worker, GP practitioner, or Care Home provider and you would like to discuss incorporating our service into your business, or you're interested in any of our networking and community events, drop us an email on the form below!

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