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How support makes a difference- Emma's Story

We've been supporting Emma for many years now and we often like to speak to the people we provide support to so that we can hear their thoughts on how they feel that we're doing, to find out how else we can be helping and to understand fully the difference our support service makes to those who receive home-calls from us.

Emma, unfortunately shortly before receiving drop-in calls from us had experienced the unexpected loss of her little girl, Sienna. The profound impact from the grief from this traumatic experience really affected Emma and she was feeling very isolated and struggling to cope in herself.

We started to support Emma with drop in calls to support her with her blood sugars, as Emma struggles with hypos from low blood sugar, and in the process we provided companionship and spent lots of time chatting with her and being a friend, someone she could reach out to, to talk about the impact of her loss.

"I really wasn't doing well before I started having calls from Lauren and her team. I was struggling in myself at hospital after Sienna passed away. I didn't receive any follow-up counselling for the loss I had gone through and I just really felt stuck and had no idea how to move forward"

Emma found that having drop in calls from Farrow Friends had a really positive impact on her and that she has noticed a considerable positive difference in herself since her support with us started. Emma tells us:

"There's been such a big difference, just having day-to-day calls, knowing I'm not just going to be left by myself and without someone to talk to. Having someone there to chat to. Normally Farrow Friends come round to help and do jobs, but I always tell them no haha! I really like to be busy, but I really enjoy the support and having the extra company. I always know I can reach out to them when I'm finding things hard"

We asked Emma if she was describing our service to someone else who was making a decision as to whether our support service is right for them, how would she describe the service? Emma told us that:

"I'd really recommend Farrow Friends, I have had other services come in but I didn't feel that they were particularly helpful. Farrow Friends were able to offer what I needed. It really felt like they were a company I could reach out to, and I always felt I could open up to Lauren and her team.

It's nice knowing someone is going to be coming in, just to check you're ok and not just on the floor or not coping."

We're really pleased to say that Emma is coping really well now and remembers Sienna fondly and often talks about her with us. Emma has also recently given birth to two very healthy baby twins that are doing really well and certainly keeping us all busy with their beautiful smiles and sounds of laughter. It's a privilege to be able to help others in the way that we do, and to be a part of other people's journeys. Seeing the positive progress in Emma's well-being has been lovely to witness and makes a hugely rewarding part of the work that we do.

At Farrow Friends it's really important to us to provide friendship and practical support in a person centred way. If you're wondering if we might be able to help you, you can find lots of information on our website and the support we can offer at

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