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More than just a meal

When the day carries on, your support should too

We know that providing care and support is not an easy role. Unfortunately because of the typical demands on care needs, mealtimes can often be left to quick and easy ready meals that can be heated in a microwave or meals prepared in advance, left to cool to be later reheated. Our meal support service is tailored to support people at meal times to help improve the quality of food that people receive, whilst supporting them in the kitchen to cook with someone who can offer both practical help and companionship so that mealtimes can become an enjoyable experience once again.

We know that many of our older relatives have grown up in a household (where it was normal routine to cook and eat with family members), often, dinner time was 'family time'; an opportunity to ask each other about their day while sharing in the comfort of a lovely and fresh home cooked meal.

Later in life, as families grow and move out of the home mealtimes lose their social aspect and the loss of that social part of the day can contribute to feelings of loneliness. At Farrow Friends we want to make mealtimes the enjoyable part of the day they once were. We do this by encouraging people to eat well, improve nutrition and by providing someone who can offer company during mealtimes so that they don't have to eat alone. By doing this we can support people to look forward to mealtimes once more.

We offer help and support with:

  • Supporting with cooking skills

  • Meal planning

  • Supporting people to shop within a budget

  • Improving domestic Skills

  • Supporting healthy and balanced nutrition

  • Providing companionship during mealtimes so no one has to eat alone

We know that everyone's support needs are different, which is why we offer a flexible approach to our support services. You may feel best supported with the full scope of our services, or perhaps you'd like a little support here and there. Whatever level you want your support to be provided at, we're here for you. Your support, your say.

Contact us about meal prep today

If this support sounds like something you feel you would benefit from, use the contact form below and ask us for more information. We would love to hear about how we could support you.

Please note it can take up to 3 working days to respond to enquiries by email.

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