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Virtual Assistance and Telephone Support

Supporting you to access the digital world and keep in touch with family who are living farther away

Our team offer friendly conversations and reminders, as well as well-being checks to promote digital skills building and emotional support. Our virtual assistant service provides not just practical assistance with daily tasks through a telephone check in or video call appointment but also fosters genuine companionship through these interactions too.


We can help you with everything from weekly and daily check ins to provide friendship and meaningful connection to helping talk you through concerns and issues such as booking appointments online, filling out online forms and helping to equip you with the skills to keep yourself more aware about how to stay safe from scams online.

Help with digital applications and online services

How many times have we been told by a gas or electric company to make an enquiry online? Well, at Virtual Care and Companionship we don't think any service should be inaccessible to you. We can help talk you through how to make online queries and applications to help improve your IT confidence, so that you don't miss out on vital services. One of our members of staff will happily advise you over the phone and be there to support you every step of the way.

Break it down for me:

In short, Our virtual assistance offers:

  • Companionship calls to promote meaningful connections

  • Medication and appointment reminder calls

  • Over the phone help with applications

  • Support, advice and signposting on issues at home such as where to look for funding

  • Help with online shopping

  • Help navigating forms, using online accounts

  • Telephone support using and getting used to apps

  • Advice and support on staying safe online and recognizing suspicious emails and scams

  • Birthday/Celebratory calls (Happy Easter, Diwali, Christmas) and card sending

  • Virtual Assistant services

Why choose us?

We live in an era where social isolation is prevalent. We are working hard to prevent this by addressing the critical issue of loneliness among the elderly and ensuring there’s ‘a friend on the other end’ to discuss and resolve any problems they may have. 

Some people prefer to use our service as a top up to their existing support package, others prefer to access our service as in interim support mechanism before they need extra help in person as they get older which can be a great way to ease into and adjust to care becoming a part of day to day life for those still coming to terms with the idea they may need it in the near future. Essentially by integrating technology with empathy, we strive to ensure that every older person has a reliable companion, creating a sense of connection and purpose. By doing this we are ultimately contributing to their overall happiness and quality of life as well as giving their friends and family peace of mind knowing somebody has spoken with their loved one and support them to resolve any worries they would otherwise face alone.

Contact us today 

If this support sounds like something you feel you would benefit from, use the contact form below and ask us for more information. We would love to hear about how we could support you. For more information please send us an email using the contact form below.

Please note it can take up to 3 working days to respond to enquiries by email.

Thanks for submitting!

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