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Video Transcript

We're there because we care

Farrow friends

Lauren: "We're popping in to see one of my lovely ladies today, we come and support her because she's partially sighted. So we help her prepare a meal and do any sort of home-help tasks that she needs around the house and generally just be a friendly face in these challenging times."

Lauren: "I'm putting this in here because it's easier for Iris so it's more person centered to her care. This is because it's hard for her to get stuff out of foil and clingfilm"

Lauren "One of the things that's really important to us at Farrow Friends is the fact the we offer such person centered care and tailoring everything we do around the client. One small thing that we do is the fact that we don't wear a uniform so that neighbours and people don't know who they've got going in to see them we could just be a friend and we sort of aim to be a friend to them."

Iris: "He's lovely"

Lauren: "Aww"

Iris: "Lovely to meet him, yes and Isla my little great granddaughter, and then I've got Oscar in York"

Lauren: "Lockdown was a bit of a curve ball wasn't it, you couldn't meet him for a long time"

Iris: "A bit troublesome"

Lauren "but you've met him now and he's lovely"

Iris: "Yes he is, yeah he's very nice"

Lauren: "aww good"

Iris: "she makes me cups of tea, she'll change the bed for me, all sorts of different things she does for me yes"

Lauren: "Just an extra pair of hands aren't we"

Iris: "Oh absolutely"

Lauren: "and a friendly face for a cup of tea"

Iris "Yeah, we need that don't we?"

Lauren: "yes we do, that's the most important part, having a chat over a tea"

Iris: "Yes, over a cup of tea"

Lauren: "So we use the lap tray for Iris because it means that she can have the food closer to her so it's easier to see because she's partially sighted, so it makes it easier being on her lap; easier for her to feel what she's eating. It makes it more practical for an easier life."

Lauren: "there you go"

Iris: "thank you"

Lauren: "Do you want any salt, pepper or sauce?"

Iris: "No I'm alright thank you"

We asked Iris 'What do you value most about your care'

Lauren: "Causing havoc, coming to you with all my problems"

Iris (Laughing): "Yes and she tells me all of them don't you?"

Lauren: "I do, I do"

Iris: "Then we sit and laugh about them"

Lauren "we put the world to rights don't we when I come here"

Iris "Yes, yes we have to do"

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