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Farrow Friends Host 2023 Care Fair

Earlier this year Lauren started making plans to host a Care Fair in Grantham to help promote the scope of local services that are available locally within Grantham and Lincolnshire and to help introduce the topic of care within the community.

We're thrilled to say that the feedback has been largely positive from some of the fantastic businesses that attended, and also from members of the public and town representatives such as the Police, PCSO and Local SKDC Counsellors.

The event focused on both marketing towards the public but also professionally networking as we all really felt the importance of working together because of the benefits it brings not only to us as professionals, but more crucially to the public to help them make informed choices about their care needs and the services they would like to sign on with, or simply find more information about.

In addition to businesses holding marketing stalls to represent their services, we also had healthcare and job related talks, which were incredibly interesting to hear from our own perspective for professional development, but also for the public to give them insight on what certain terminology means in the world of health and social care.

We want to say a personal thank you to all of the providers who took part during the day, and additionally to all of our speakers. We can't wait to have you back next year.

You can hear more about it from the Grantham Journal by clicking here. If you're a business and interested in registering your interest to come to our Care Show next year, you can email us at

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