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Whether it's a little, or a lot: Iris' Story

Iris is one of the lovely ladies that we offer home-help support to on a regular basis. Iris struggles with her eye sight and so we offer a bit of company for her and help with cleaning and cooking at home so she doesn't have to struggle by herself.

"I definitely wasn't doing as well before the calls, you know for a long time my kids were saying 'you gotta have someone come in and help, to get help even if it's just with the meals'"

Iris is a really friendly person who loves a good conversation putting the world to rights. We asked Iris if she could tell us about the impact our service has had on her over the last few years:

"I definitely am a lot better for it, it makes a real impact. I get help with my meals. I like to do as much as I can like today, I've been up and about all morning but the bits I struggle with it's nice to know that I will have help with that. I think lots of people tend not to accept support, or want to pay for extra care but I think it's better to have somebody you need. Even for the company, just to sit, chat and put the worlds to right. I love chatting, and I love talking with people and doing what I can so I'm glad of the company."

There have been many occasions where we have had a good long cup of tea with Iris, talking about the world and general news of today, and how we would change the world if we could. We love our home-calls with Iris and are really glad to know they've made a positive impact on her too.

We asked Iris what she would say to someone who was deciding if some extra support would be right for them. Iris said:

"I would say they would be glad of the help and company. Even if you don't want a lot, even just to put the worlds to right."

We asked Iris if she would likely recommend our service to other people:

"Yes! I already do, I've been recruiting for you as well haha! Recommending you to lots of other's, did you know you've been supporting me for about 4 years now"

Because Iris struggles with her eyesight she relies on having a consistent support worker as that makes her feel more at ease and reassures her that she knows whose who. If this is something you feel would make you more comfortable as part of your support, let us know and we're always happy to accommodate your needs as much as we can.

You can find out more about our support services at

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