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Working to make a difference: Janet's Story

At Farrow Friends, we work with a really diverse range of people to provide help at home and companionship. We've found throughout our years in service that lots of people aren't ready for, or yet in need of a carer but are still struggling with daily tasks and the upkeep of their home. We work hard to fill this gap in support and provide much needed help and friendship so no one misses out on support in the interim.

Today we spoke to Janet to ask her about the impact we have had on her since her support started.

"My Husband always used to be very chatty, he was always talking away so it was very quiet when he wasn't here anymore. I really enjoyed his company and missed him when he wasn't around anymore."

When you're used to living around someone who is your consistent strength and stay, it can feel very lonely and uneasy when they're no longer with you. Suddenly, your day to day life isn't shared in the same way it used to be, and as we get older things naturally become harder to manage as we become less agile. We stepped in to provide some help with meal preparation, and providing company and conversation.

"Farrow Friends help me to know what's what."

We asked Janet how our service has helped her over the last couple of years:

"I really like people and I hope they like me too. My husband could talk, he was always chatty and lively and I loved his company. I feel like I get a bit of that back from my calls and they always help to keep me chatting away which makes things easier."

While we were talking to Janet we asked if she was describing the service to somebody else who was considering some extra support at home, how would she describe our service?

"All of the staff know what they're doing, they're all very good at what they do and I really enjoy my visits"

We really love providing support to others, and all of our team is built up on a foundation of staff who are really passionate and care about the support they provide.

If you would like to find out more about how we might be able to help you at home, visit

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